A spoon full of spiders helps the medicine go down….

I know I should probably work on writing more but I’m having a minor lapse =/ 

Instead let me tell you about spiderlings.

Specifically the nest of spiderlings that were leaking out of my ceiling fan last night.

I had to catch them in a spoon and release them outside. It was adorable, and they were very well behaved.

Also they make little buddy groups of three that are all strung together on one web strand. 

And they kind of floated in the breeze as I walked them out the door so it was like tiny spider balloons.

They kept coming in small waves while we were watching a show so we had to keep an eye out and pause to collect the new batch. During a particularly big wave I had to use a bowl to catch them all.

Oh yeah also the fan is right over the foot of our bed, one of them bit my artist. There was no injury though.