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Well, I can tell you that it’s quite beautiful out here; it’s very warm and the sun is out. :)

Hmm sounds nice. 

Let’s see… Pleasant sunny days remind me of when my brother and I were quite young (between 4 and 8) and our parents would take us to this place called rice park, which was pretty much just a grassy hill with a picnic table at the top, but it was the favorite hangout of our little group of kids. We would all go and have playdates there and bring cardboard boxes which we sat in and rode down the hill. It was against park rules and there were a lot of collisions and tumbling out of the boxes and we’d get injured and stung by bees and the grass fibers would make us itch for the rest of the day but none of us cared because there was no consequence in the world that outweighed the breathtaking fun of speeding down a hill in a little cardboard box.

Questions exchange:

I really enjoy hearing about the weather in different areas, so, tell me what the weather is like and I’ll answer whatever questions you may have, it can literally be any manner of question, I don’t mind.

If you don’t have a question then tell me about the weather anyway and I’ll give a little tangent on whatever it brings to mind.